Coral Earrings, 2007
Chinese red coral and sterling silver wire

Brass Earrings, 2005
hammered brass wire

V Necklace, 2007
sterling silver and silk thread

Beaded Earrings, 2005
glass beads and silver wire

Spiral Knit Necklace, 2006
silver wire

Beaded Knit Necklace, 2006
silver wire and glass beads from Africa

Five-point Turkshead Necklace, 2007
sterling silver wire (tied into a turkshead) and silk ribbon

K Pendant, 2005
sterling silver

Spiral Pin, 2005
sterling silver wire and red stones

Sailboat Earrings, 2005
sterling silver

Sailboat Ring, 2005
sterling silver

Red Stone Necklace, 2005
sterling silver with red stone

Necklace, 2003
African glass and wooden beads on leather

Black Pearl Necklace, 2004
black pearls and white beads